Axure Flat UI Kit

310+ interactive modules for AXURE

A new toolkit helps UX, Interaction and Visual Designers build better, more consistent prototypes. View Axure Library

  • One Consistent UI Framework

    The UI Kit includes over 310+ interactive and beautifully crafted page elements, modules and complete templates. Preview Axure Library

  • Build for Rapid Prototyping

    The UI Kit uses Axure's powerful widget library. Create complex and interactive wire frames with a snap. Icons included. Preview Library

  • Improve Your Prototyping Skills

    When Marc-Oliver built the UI library, he looked up best practices on the web and on mobile, so you can learn from it, too. Preview Library

Interactive components and templates included:

Sample 1
Sample 7
Sample 7
Sample 5
Sample 3
Sample 4
Sample 2
Sample 6
Sample 9
Sample 17
Sample 4
Sample 8
Sample 15
Sample 10
Sample 13
Sample 14
Sample 21
Sample 24
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  • Get current version 1.3
    (+ Android Kit)
  • 12/mths access to amazing
    updates (6 minimum)
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